In 2014, we again received nearly 340 pieces of Fujisan Haiku (haiku on the theme of Mt. Fuji) from various places throughout the world, ranging from Japan, the United States, and Romania to Malta, Nepal, and Montenegro. We are very happy and grateful for this, and we would like to express our appreciation to these friends from around the world.

During the process of selecting haiku this time, we noticed that many of the works were related to death or illness. This is probably because Mt. Fuji is not a mountain that is only beautiful in each of the four seasons and suitable for picture postcards or posters. It is also a sacred mountain that enwombs fire and becomes covered with snow, as well as a mountain that summons people’s souls and rescues them by taking them up to the heavens at the end. The Fujisan Haiku has become even more profound.


Toru Haga

(Director of Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art)

Mention honorable au concours Fujisan 2014

première neige

le Fujisan en tenue

de cosmonaute

            ――Hélène Duc(France)



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